Starflight Mock DWI Crash Team

Being in the emergency medical business we frequently are exposed to the devastating effects of drinking and driving. We would like to add our support to the efforts of others who are fighting to reduce or eliminate the totally preventable carnage on our local roads and highways.

Mock DWI crash scenarios are not new to school systems. Traditionally these programs were sponsored by S.A.D.D. groups and although well intentioned, often they seemed to lack direction or clear educational goals.  In contacting several national organizations we found that there were no guidelines for presenting these events. Having participated in many of these events over the years, we decided to work on developing a more message effective presentation.  The goal was not to reinvent the wheel, but to streamline the process, to make it educationally sound and to offer more assistance to school systems.

In 1997, at the direction of Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace and WCA Hospital Administrator Murray S. Marsh Jr., a steering committee composed of knowledgeable people was formed with the goal of developing a curriculum that would guide us in presenting message effective fatal DWI crash simulation/education to High Schools within Starflight’s primary service area. By developing educational and behavioral objectives where none existed before, incorporating emotion evoking music and audio tape recordings, and by developing a contrived ‘theatrical’ approach to the event, we believe we have developed a multi-sensory presentation that will do just that.
                                                                                                      -Ron Hasson
EMS Resources Manager

If you are interested in scheduling a Mock DWI program at your school, please contact Ron Hasson at (716) 664-7353 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Starflight Mock DWI Crash Team had another successful year in 2018. We coordinated Mock DWIs for Fredonia, Cattaraugus-Little Valley and Chautauqua Lake schools. Thank you to everyone involved.

We would like to thank Mayville Diner for sponsoring the Chautauqua Lake event! We appreciate your support and partnership!
  Mock DWI Sponsorship Program

With the help of our community sponsors, the Starflight Mock DWI Crash Team will continue to provide an educational and behavioral learning experience for students and adults on the effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Your support will greatly help to offset the costs associated with operating the aircraft while graciously investing in your community's youth.

Safe and Sober Sponsorship-$275 Donation
-2 yard signs with your custom message on display during event.
-Sponsorship mention during event.
-Special "thank-you" message on Starflight social media & website after conclusion of event.
-Sponsorship certificate of appreciation after conclusion of event.

Changing-Lives Sponsorship-$775 Donation
-2 yard signs with your custom message on display during event.
-Sponsorship mention during event.
-Special "thank-you" message on Starflight social media & website after conclusion of event.
-Sponsorship plaque after conclusion of event.

    Request A Speaker

We are always looking for ways to get involved within our community; after all, they are the reason why we love what we do!
If you are interested in having Starflight present at your next group meeting, school program or business event, please let us know!

  Ground School

Education for the pre-hospital providers is an ongoing process. Ground Safety Schools are offered to any pre-hospital agency including fire service, EMS, fire police, ski patrol, law enforcement etc. Each event is tailored to the audience emphasizing that agencies role in a pre-hospital flight. Utilization is highlighted for medical providers, where LZ choice and security is highlighted for fire police and firemen. Any agency can request a ground school; there is no “minimum” number of attendees required. Sometimes the aircraft makes a practice landing after the ground schools. Additionally, each EMT student in Chautauqua County is exposed to the GSS as part of the EMT curriculum, and local sheriff department candidates at the Sheriff’s academy. All classes stress appropriate utilization and SAFETY in setting up landing zones and working around the aircraft.

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