Exceptional Safety

Every decision made by the Starflight paramedics, pilots, mechanics and nurses directly affects the safety of the patient. That is why we operate at a higher level of precaution. The Starflight program has been one of the most valuable assets in Chautauqua County. Since it has been implemented in 1986, the program has made over 7,600 transports. These transports were made for the most critically ill patients that require specialized treatments at specific care centers.

Technology is constantly changing and our two MD-900 helicopters are always being updated with the latest technological advances.  Currently, each of our helicopters are being fitted for some great state-of-the-art equipment.  Among these improvements are the HTAWS, TCAS and Lifenet & LP-15 EKG Modum Transmission.

HTAWS is the Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System that offers “forward looking” terrain and obstacle avoidance capability. The purpose of this system is to alert the pilot in advance where potential hazards may exist in the terrain such as power lines or steep hills. The system will provide visual and auditory advisories to help the pilots navigate these obstacles safely.

The TCAS system is a traffic collision avoidance system designed to reduce the risk of mid air collisions with other aircraft.

The Lifenet & LP-15 EKG Modum Transmission is the most cutting-edge advancement when it comes to patient care. This is a cloud based platform that allows the Starflight medical team to transmit real time 12 lead EKG information to the receiving hospital for quicker life saving treatment. This technology can be critical to a patient undergoing a cardiac event. During the flight, the receiving doctor will review the 12 lead EKG information and be thoroughly prepared to administer either a clot busting drug or transport the patient to a cath lab upon arrival. In this type of medical event, minutes are everything!

Unlike the countrywide “norm” of having only 1 pilot per flight, Starflight has 2 professional pilots operating the cockpit on each flight. We also ensure that there is a specially trained flight nurse and flight paramedic on EVERY transfer. Each patient is under 100% physician review of care before, during and after each flight. Our medical staff undergoes thorough training including a yearly “Boot Camp” where all advanced life support skills are credentialed. And most importantly, these are compassionate professionals who CARE About YOU!

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